Distributed Data Management

A managed service that solves identity and data management; availability, synchronization, data security, and enables edge cloud computing specialized for the demanding requirements of a decentralized connected world.

Edge Computing Applications

Our no-code data layer APIs are not only meant to be used by containers and server code, they are safe to be directly called from mobile devices, web user interfaces, or third party software (ecosystem).

SDK and Self-Service Portal

Our low-code SDK is designed to allow customer onboarding through a policy governed self-service portal while ensuring seamless network discovery of the distributed edge data.

Partners & Accelerators


The Edge Database Platform as a Service (Edge dbPaaS) provided by CloudBackend is a fully managed service to enable any application or hardware with edge acceleration for data harvesting or distribution at low development and operational cost.

Edge acceleration as a Service

  • ⇒ Empowering developers with a no-code development environment to define its distributed data backbone and backend, while still enabling any data model
  • ⇒ Avoiding time consuming and costly complexity of orchestration across thousands of edge nodes through policy governed data management, compliance, and geo-fencing
  • ⇒ Scales to billions of connected devices by using stateless containerized micro services executed and distributed across infinite number of edge nodes and end-user devices

Develop with endless scalability

Our platform manages deployment, operations, and scaling of required resources as well as handles everything from central coordination of data, issuing of identities, and the decentralization of the cloud into multi-cloud, multi-region, multi-edge, using policies. Completely abstracting the underlying infrastructure and orchestration from developers, which work with the entire Edge dbPaaS through an intelligent low-code SDK with a programming model of a virtual database — the intermediate data layer.

Industrializing data across cloud and edge

  • ⇒ Spin up and and configure edge data acceleration to fit your actual need at any given time and pay only for used acceleration
  • ⇒ No backend development (no-code) and zero API/network code in clients makes building applications and systems much cheaper and less risky
  • ⇒ Enabling low latency requirement use cases and innovative service creation through a low-code cross-compiling SDK for apps, containers, and cloud

Edge Native as the new default

CloudBackend handles the orchestration of data, data availability, and API access to data at multiple levels end-to-end, from the consumer all the way up to the public cloud including everything in between and along the way. Our powerful intermediate data layer shardes (slices) data to make sure that not all data is replicated across the edge and cloud, allowing policies and geo-fencing to decide how information is distributed or harvested, while leaving business decisions to govern the intelligent management of data at global scale.


Our Edge dbPaaS run and accelerates inside public cloud providers, on-premise data centers, hardware devices, and inside mobile apps


A true secure multi-tenant data layer were each identities data is shielded, encrypted and managed across all edge nodes with privacy by design


Through policies each edge data node is always kept up to date with all distributed data, ready to process any API call it receives at scale


High innovation by abstracting the entire data layer into a multi-tenant generic stateless microservice API that scale as containers